‘Big Brother 18’: Is Corey Brooks Looking for a Showmance? Single?

There is a lot of talk about showmances that could happen this season on “Big Brother 18.” It does look like Corey Brooks might have a bit of a thing for Nicole, but now everyone wants to know if this could turn into anything at all. Well, it turns out that Nicole and Corey both came into the house single, so there is that one thing going for them.

According to Bustle, Corey did share his thoughts on having a showmance on “BB18” before the season started. When Entertainment Tonight asked Corey about it, he said “If it hurts my game, you can forget it. It’s definitely a possibility.”

It looks like Corey Brooks isn’t against the idea of a showmance, but only if it will better his game. It will be up to Corey to decide if hooking up with Nicole is worth it or not. I know either way I can’t wait to watch it all play out on “Big Brother 18.”


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