Review: MealEnders To Help Prevent Overeating

I am always looking for great products that help with problems. MealEnders is exactly one of those products. I recently got the chance to review them, and I couldn’t be happier. The MealEnders come in several flavors, but my favorite is the Chocolate Mint.

So what are MealEnders? They are a small candy that you suck on after you eat. The Chocolate Mint one has chocolate around it with a mint center. It helps to feel like you had dessert, but then gives you a minty taste where you won’t want to eat anything else either. They are only 15 calories, so they are perfect!

I love it because it keeps me from eating a huge bowl of ice cream or a second plate. They are not drugs or herbs but are gluten free and low sodium. They all have a sweet outer layer and then the cooling center. I love MealEnders and will be adding these to my purse. It is a great way to just feel satisfied after a meal and keep from eating more.

You can check out MealEnders on their website if you want to try them! They come in Chocolate Mint, Mocha, Key Lime and Cinnamon!

Disclaimer: The opinions above are totally my own, but MealEnders did supply me with a free sample to try them and share my opinions with you.


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