The $20 Trick: How Can You Get An Upgrade At Las Vegas Hotels?

When you are heading to Las Vegas on vacation, you want to save money so that you can enjoy your time gambling and eating great. The $20 trick is the best way to do this and still get an amazing hotel room. This is how it works and it is easier than you think!

You will want to just book a normal room when you book your trip. Don’t go for any big upgrades, but do understand there is a chance you could get stuck in it and it might not work. This trick will usually get you a huge upgrade, though.

As you hand your credit card to the person at the hotel desk, tuck a $20 bill in with it. They will see this as a tip for them and help you to get huge upgrades. We tried it in Las Vegas at Treasure Island and were able to get a hotel room with a strip view, extra free coupons, and even a bottle of champagne. This is the way to go!

We also tried this trick in Cancun on a trip. We were able to get an upgrade to an ocean front room. This would have cost several hundred dollars if we had done it when we booked, but instead we got it for $20.

Have you ever tried the $20 trick to save money on a hotel room but still get a great room. Let us know in the comments if it has worked for you. Also, make sure you check out the Twenty Dollar Trick website to see what has worked for other people.


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