Review: The Escape OKC For One of The Best Escape Rooms You Will Find

We went to The Escape OKC a while back. Since then, we have checked it out a few more times, and it is always our favorite escape room! Here is my review from our first time to try to break out of a room.

Oklahoma City has a new attraction, and this is one you definitely want to check out! The Escape OKC located at 912 NW 23rd St. is the perfect way to spend your evening. They will lock you in a room for one hour, and you have to use the clues to escape! Can you do it?

When you show up, they will walk you through the rules and then take you into your room. They don’t explain anything to you about how it works besides that you will need to find a code to open the door. You have 60 minutes, and if you don’t get out in that time, they will open the door and explain to you what you didn’t find. There is an emergency exit just in case, but if you go out of it, then you can’t get back in at all.

At this time, they have four different rooms. We went down the first time to go through the room called The Forgotten Outpost. This is one of their easier rooms, but we still didn’t escape! We needed about five more minutes to get out of there. For this trip, we brought along our 11-year-old and six-year-old. Both were a little bit helpful, but it is geared more toward older children and adults.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we went back the next week with another group to check out the room called Uptown Murder. Without giving any clues away, we could have got out of the room if we had paid a bit better attention to our clues. We were only missing one thing!

What you will find when you get to The Escape OKC is something you have never experienced before. You will need to be good at puzzles and work well together to get out of the room. You can take your cell phone in with you, but it won’t help you figure it out at all. About 25% of people can get out of the rooms, but some rooms have a higher success rate than others.

The Escape OKC does book up fast so if you want to go check out their website to make reservations. I highly recommend checking it out and can’t wait to go again!



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