Review: Hampton Inn at the Kansas Star Casino For a Relaxing Night

Just this week, we got the chance to go to a concert in Kansas, so we decided to stay at the Hampton Inn at the Kansas Star Casino. This hotel is attached to the Kansas Star Casino, and you can walk from one to the other without even going outside. We had a great time!

I booked our room about a month ago, and for some reason, it didn’t change the date and booked it for the day I was booking it. I called them right away to change it, and they didn’t have any issues with fixing it at all. I got a new e-mail confirmation and thought I was good to go. When we showed up at the Hampton Inn, this had not been changed. They didn’t charge me, but had me down as a no-show and didn’t have my new reservation in there.

We got very lucky, and the woman at the desk helped us to get a room for the night. We were still able to get a military discount and a room with a king bed, which is what we wanted. It happened to be a handicapped room, but that was fine because it just gave us a little bit of extra room.

The bed at the Hampton Inn at the Kansas Star Casino was really nice. They had a soft and a firm pillow both for each person, so you could decide which one was best for you. The room had a fridge in it, plus plenty of room. They offered breakfast in the morning, but we didn’t make it down in time. We asked for a late checkout and got it with no problem at all.

One thing I loved about this hotel was that right next door was the casino, but this also meant a deli that was open late where we could grab food. They also offer a hot tub and pool. They have a great security where you even need your room card to use the elevator.

Over all, I was really happy with the Hampton Inn at the Kansas Star Casino. It was a great room for the price, they really helped with the one issue we had, and we would happily stay there again!


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