The Holderness Family Impresses With Thanksgiving Parody (Video)

The Holderness Family has everyone laughing once again with their new Thanksgiving parody that is quickly going viral. This family is hilarious and YouTube sensations. Now “Welcome to My Couch” is going to be the video everyone is laughing at this Thanksgiving. Check out the new Holderness Family video below.

It starts out with the entire family talking about how great Kim’s Thanksgiving dinner is and how it used to be dry. This parody is to the song “My House.” It already has over 15,000 views and is going to keep flying up as usual. The parody talks all about how everyone should join on the couch and drink away their feelings. Who wouldn’t want to watch football and quit the arguing? Of course, politics is a big part of the arguments at the Holderness Family Thanksgiving celebration just like it will be all over the United States this year.

I love the Holderness Family, and they always come up with great parodies! I know that I can’t wait to see what this family comes up with for Christmas this year. Their Christmas video about pajamas has over 16 million views and it is still my favorite one they have ever done. You know they will come up with something great once again.


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