Scrape-A-Round Is The Ice Scraper For This Winter

Living in Oklahoma, we have to deal with the extreme winters and summers both. I have to admit that I am a really sweet wife and when my husband has to work I go out and help him clean his car off in the snow, but I hate doing it. Now I have Scrape-A-Round ice scrapers on the way so I can try them this winter and I can’t wait!

Scrape-A-Round looks like a great concept as you can see in the video below. I have never tried an ice scraper similar to this one so I can’t wait to see how it goes. Here is why they claim to be the best ones out there.

  • 18″ of ice scraping surface.
  • The comfortable grasp provides relief for the arthritic or carpal syndrome sufferer.
  • Direct pressure to the window, no pressure lost through the ice scraper!
  • The circular rotational motion of ice scraper.
  • Double ice scraper action, leading edge and trailing edge.
  • Multi-functional, remove the cap and it doubles as a funnel.
  • This scrapes windows frost and ice free in half the time!

My readers get to save! Get FREE Shipping at if you use code LU8FBEZREU2 at checkout. Let me know if you order one!

Have you ever used Scrape-A-Round for your car? If so, did you love it? Sound off in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: I am receiving this product free in exchange for posts, but the opinions here are my own.


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