Amazing New Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack From Smit, Co.

We recently made the decision to have a house built. One thing I knew I would miss in this new house was my wet bar. I didn’t want to take up square footage with it that I could use for something else, but I loved having a place to display my shot and wine glasses from trips we have taken. I recently found a new wine glass holder that goes under your cabinet and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

This is from Smit, Co. and can be purchased on Amazon at the link above. I was really impressed with how cheap it was considering that it comes with everything you need to hang it right under your cabinet. I can’t wait to get it in the new home and as soon as I do I will share pictures with you guys! It will hold six on up to twelve glasses depending on the size. The racks are 11 inches deep and for flat bottom cabinets, counters or shelves. They are going to look great in my new house displaying my wine glasses.

Do you have something you love to hold your wine glasses? Share with me below!

Disclaimer: I got this item free in exchange for my review.


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