‘Finding Fido’ Helps You Find Your Perfect Match, Like I Found Ours

The show “Finding Fido” is all about finding the perfect dog for you. This airs on Z Living, and this show reminds me so much of when we picked Ryder out to join our family. We already had Rosie, our miniature schnauzer, but I knew that she needed a friend. She was a little ball of energy and needed someone other than mom to play with her all day long while I worked. We were in the very early stages of discussing getting a second dog when this one just jumped out at me.

We had been talking about maybe getting another dog when I got on Facebook in a rescue group. I saw the cutest little boy schnauzer, and even though my husband wasn’t sold on the idea of another dog, I knew I had to meet this little boy. The were calling him Twix at the time. When I contacted them, she said that others were interested as well, so I rushed right up there.

When we left the house, I told my husband I was just going to meet him and see if he was a match. The second that I met this little boy I knew he was perfect for our family. Rosie was a little unsure, but I took him home anyway. It may have taken a little time to convince my husband, but now Ryder has helped to complete our little family. He is a perfect match for us and my daughter’s best friend.

Deciding on a rescue dog can be a bit of work. Ryder had his issues from the way he was treated, but they also made him who he is and I love that now this little boy trusts me so much that he will let me hold him like a baby and doesn’t shy away when I raise my hand to pet his little head. He thinks we rescued him, but really who rescued who?

My perfect puppy jumped out to me in a picture, but on “Finding Fido,” they will help match you up with yours. You can catch new episodes of “Finding Fido” on Tuesday nights on Z Living. Do you have a story about meeting your perfect pet? Share in the comments!

Disclaimer: I received compensation in exchange for this story, but the thoughts are my own.


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