Teresa Giudice Speaks Out On Loss Of Her Mom

The sad news just came out that Teresa Giudice lost her mother, Antonia Gorga. With her husband Joe in jail, this is really hard on her. Us Magazine shared the details about what Teresa had to say about her mother. She took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the loss of her mother.

Teresa shared several photos of her mother and said, “Thank you for the love and support during this extremely difficult time. My mother was a very cherished part of our family, and she’ll be deeply missed. Each and every one of your messages of love & support are so appreciated. Give her eternal rest O Lord and may your light shine on her forever.” It is obvious that this is tough on Teresa Giudice.

Gia Giudice also shared saying, “Now I have another beautiful guardian angle [sic] watching over me i love you.” The loss of Teresa’s mother is very hard on all of them. You will probably get to see some of their reactions on the new season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” when it returns to Bravo. Also, make sure you like my Fans of “Real Housewives” page on Facebook for all of the latest news.


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