Todd Chrisley Admits To Arguing With Haters on Facebook

Tonight on a new episode of “Big Star, Little Star” on USA the viewers got to see Todd and Grayson Chrisley compete against other celebrities and their children on who knows each other best. Todd had a big list of things to pick from that Grayson would think he did that were the most embarrassing.

Grayson actually picked that his dad talks about Facebook too much. After that, Todd admitted that he will get on Facebook and argue with people. He said if he finds some “keyboard cowboy” that is being a hater, he will argue back and forth with them. The funny thing is that Todd acted like he really enjoyed doing it as well.¬†Grayson also shared that Todd’s biggest pet peeve is when someone smacks their food.

So if you are ever on the Chrisley Facebook pages watch out. Todd might not like what you have to say and could end up arguing back and forth with you. Honestly, this could get pretty hilarious.

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  • jane miller
    June 2, 2017

    I enjoyed big star little star and have been a long time fan of Chrisley knows best. If people had never seen him on Chrisley knows Best. He was very arrogant to Melissa. Her husband shoulda punched him in the nose. I thought he acted like a Horses behind with Chad too. Come on Todd be respectful you demand it so give it

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