‘Big Brother 19’ Offers Up The Power Of Protection

“Big Brother 19” is the season of temptations and now there is a new power you can win. The Power of Protection was introduced, and one person was able to get three weeks of safety because of this power. Big Brother Updates shared the details about who won and what this power means.

Fans were able to vote on who they thought deserved to get the Power of Protection and they chose Paul Abrahamian. The fans know that Paul has a target on his back being a vet, so that could be why they wanted to help him out so much.

Paul will be safe for three weeks for this, but it has already been shown this season that any reward comes with a consequence. Whatever Paul is going to have to deal with I haven’t heard just yet. You can check out all of the drama on the live feeds.

Are you happy to hear that Paul was able to win the Power of Protection? Do you think that Paul should be back on the show again? Sound off in the comments section below and make sure you join my Big Brother Fans Unite group on Facebook to keep up with the show.

[Image via Live Feeds]


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