‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ News: Is Vinny Ventiera Still Dating Ashley?

Tonight on a new episode of “Million Dollar Matchmaker” fans got to see Vinny Ventiera of “Bachelor in Paradise” try to find love. Patti Stanger set him up with several girls and then at the end of the night Vinny got to pick one to go on a date with. He chose a girl named Ashley and they seemed to get along great.

At the end of the night, everyone saw that Ashley and Vinny decided that they wanted to give it a chance and date outside of the show. Patti gave an update that they were planning a date and that Vinny hadn’t introduced her to his mom just yet.

[Image via Twitter]

Tonight, after the show Vinny Ventiera went to his Twitter page and shared a picture of himself with Ashley. Patti also retweeted this pic. This is the only update that Vinny has given so far and it sounds like the fans are just going to have to wait to get details from him. This is very possibly because a new season of “Bachelor in Paradise” is coming up soon and Vinny is back on that show once again.

What did you think of Vinny Ventiera and Ashley together? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Vinny Venteira/Instagram]


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