Kody Brown Supports Wife Meri With Her New Bed and Breakfast

It looks like Kody Brown is happy about Meri Brown’s new bed and breakfast. On last night’s new episode of “Sister Wives,” you couldn’t tell if Kody liked the idea or not just yet. Now that Meri has opened up her bed and breakfast, she is sharing that Kody bought her a really sweet gift for Christmas that was for her new business. Meri shared about it on Instagram.

She posted a picture of a chair that Kody picked up for her for the inn. Along with it Meri shared the caption, “Kody got me a couple of these awesome antique chairs for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn for Christmas. I brought them up this weekend and they look amazing!” She seems really happy with the gift!

This season on “Sister Wives” everyone will get to see how the entire bed and breakfast thing plays out, but Meri Brown has already opened it, so obviously it worked out for her. The other wives seemed okay with the idea, but Kody was a bit unsure on if it would be a money maker or if it would just be a sentimental purchase. Don’t miss new episodes of “Sister Wives” when they air on Sunday nights on TLC.


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