‘This Is Us’ Superbowl Show: How To Set the DVR Tonight

Tonight is the big “This Is Us” where they will show how Jack Pearson died. Fans do not want to miss it and the Super Bowl could go over. TV Line shared how to set the DVR so you don’t miss any of it. Here is how it is explained.

“For starters, the network has coded the 63-minute episode to start Sunday night at 10:15/9:15c and record for a total of 80 minutes, “to help prevent the recording from starting late or cutting off any portion of the episode.”

If you are going to set your DVR, make sure that you set it over. You never know if it will really start at 9:15 or not and you do not want to miss this one.

You will also want to set “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” tonight because it will be about “This Is Us.” So make sure that you set her DVR like crazy and record over and don’t miss these big shows.

The fans have been waiting to see how Jack Pearson died pretty much since the show started. It is finally here and I know I can’t wait to watch it! They make it look like a fire, but you know this show is never that easy. Also, make sure you join my “This Is Us” Fans Unite group on Facebook to chat about it all.


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