Adam and Danielle Busby Tease New Season of ‘Outdaughtered’

The fans of “Outdaughtered” have been waiting on a new season of the show. Recently the news came out that it would be coming back, but they are just now sharing that it is soon. The couple shared on their Instagram page about the news.

I know I can’t wait for “Outdaughtered” to return with a new season! It does sound like it will be back on Tuesday nights, but they aren’t announcing when yet. You can easily assume that it will be a summer show. TLC always brings back a few shows over the summer and that would be the perfect time for “Outdaughtered” to return with new episodes. This is one show that gets huge ratings, so it isn’t surprising it is returning.

In comments on Instagram, they are also saying the same thing. It will be back, but no exact dates. Are you excited for a new season of “Outdaughtered” on TLC? Sound off in the comments below!


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