Josie Bates Announces Big Engagement!

Josie Bates of “Bringing Up Bates” just shared big news and she is engaged! In Touch Weekly shared the details. The fans aren’t surprised because she was already courting and it looked like this was coming soon. Kelton Balka actually took her on a big scavenger hunt before popping the question.

The details were all explained by UP and you know that it will end up airing on a new episode of the show. Kelton actually took her to Utah to propose to her. Here is what they had to say about the big engagement.

“Kelton surprised Josie at her work, R&Co Salon in Knoxville, TN, with a bouquet of flowers and a charm bracelet that began a multi-part scavenger hunt. Each part of the four-part scavenger hunt represents a stage of Kelton and Josie’s relationship, and each part is accompanied by a new charm for her bracelet and a new location. At the last stop, the Tower Arch Viewpoint at the Arches National Park, Kelton presents her with the most beautiful charm of all: a stunning engagement ring.”

Don’t miss watching new episodes of “Bringing Up Bates” when they air on Thursday nights on UP. It will be pretty surprising if Kelton and Josie have a long engagement. A wedding is probably coming soon!


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