Josie Bates Wedding Date Revealed!

The viewers of Bringing Up Bates have loved watching the relationship between Josie Bates and Kelton Balka. These two have been together for a while. They actually dated when they were younger and then decided to take a break until she was older. Now, they are ready to tie the knot and it is going to be here really soon.

The Bates Family page on Instagram shared the details about their upcoming wedding. There was a picture of the two posted together along with the caption, “People have asked when the big wedding day is… 26 days and counting down! These two tie the knot on October 5th (and no, I’m not ready emotionally or check-list-wise!) But my heart is overjoyed for them because I know the beauty of marriage when God is at the center! You can read their love story on 💍 (link in bio) and say a prayer for them as they journey through these next very busy days! 🙏 (Photo credit @brittany.cruse – scroll for more pics) #KeltonBalka #JosieBates #GonnaHaveANewNameSoon.”

It sounds like this post is from Josie Bates’ mom. It is very exciting that they will be getting married in less than a month! Hopefully, the UP cameras are there and catch it all for the fans. Don’t miss new episodes of Bringing Up Bates when it returns to UP.


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