20 Tips For More Beautiful Hair

As a woman, your hair is undeniably your crown. In fact, if you love your hair’s appearance, you tend to feel as if you can take on whatever issue the world throws at you. Even though it is nearly impossible to escape a bad hair day, several quick tips can help you maintain good looking hair most of the time. No matter what you plan on doing to your hair, here are 20 hair tips that will keep it looking its best:

  1. To prevent flyaways, you need to spray your hairspray onto a new or clean toothbrush and then use it for brushing rogue hairs
  2. In case you want to dye your hair, ensure that you utilize a deep conditioning mask for almost three days in advance to allow the color to be absorbed appropriately into your hair strands.
  3. Are you considering growing your hair longer? Well, there are several foods such as eggs, yellow peppers, salmon and many others that you can start eating to help boost your hair’s growth.
  4. If you have static-y hair, try running a dryer sheet over your hair or head in a bid to keep your hair from being clingy.
  5. Are you considering a major hairdo? Try out the desired hairstyle through a “virtual makeover” app before making a decision or choice you might end up regretting.
  6. Do not use a brush if your hair is wet. Instead, always use a wide-toothed comb to prevent any breakage, which is common damp hair.
  7. Use a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair. Rubbing your hair using a terry cloth towel can lead to breakage and frizz due to the friction caused. However, a cotton t-shirt helps in absorbing excess water without causing friction.
  8. Make sure that the textured side of your bobby pin is the one resting against your head to ensure optimal hold of your hair.
  9. Do you want your blowout to last longer than usual? Try blow drying your hair, particularly on the cool configuration, after you are finished styling. Bear in mind that while heat helps in styling hair, cool air is ideal for setting it.
  10. Dry shampoo does not only absorb the excess oil present in your hair, but it also helps in giving it volume. Hence, regardless of how clean your hair is applying dry shampoo at its root will give it an additional lift.
  11. After your hair color appointment, you may want to secure your investment by making the color last longer. To be on the safe side, try spraying it with UV-protection hairspray. Use it to spray your hair any time before you go out.
  12. Having trouble preventing your bobby pins from falling? To make sure they hold your hair in place, use hairspray to spray your bobby pins before you use them.
  13. If you are planning to use hair serum, try sticking it to your hair’s ends as opposed to the roots. Doing so will assist you in smoothening out any split, dry ends.
  14. In case you are considering giving your hair a color makeover at home, moving only two shades away from the existing color is advisable.
  15. When sleeping, tossing and turning all through the night can cause hair breakage. To reduce or avoid this scenario, ensure that you sleep on a silk pillowcase.
  16. Use silver shampoo in keeping your blonde hair color pure.
  17. While working out, primarily at the gym, avoid using one hair elastic for holding your ponytail together. Instead, use three of them, as they will help in keeping your hair’s lengths away from the neck.
  18. Before you think about styling your hair, remember that dirty hair is ideal for holding a given hairstyle better compared to clean hair. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of various products such as root powder and texturizing spray if you have clean hair.
  19. Before going ahead to style your hair how you deem fit, try understanding your type of hair first. Many women with thin hair believe they have thick hair, and many women with thick hair mistakenly believe they have thin hair. Nonetheless, taking time to find out the type of hair you have can go a long way in making sure that you not only take good care of it but also style it accordingly. It’s especially important to know your hair type so that you can take care of it during the cold season. For example, natural hair requires special care in the winter.
  20. Setting your hot styling tool to low heat is equally dangerous to a high heat configuration. The reason behind this is that for the case of a lower heat setting, you will be passing heat over your head or hair more regularly. To avoid damaging your hair, try setting your styling tools to a medium temperature.

These tips should help you to keep better care of your hair!




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