The New App Special Guest Is Perfect for Hiring Talent For Your Event

When it comes to having an event, I always stress about who to hire to perform, cater and take care of everything. This is the thing that can be the most stressful about the party. If you hire the wrong person, then the entire thing can be ruined.

I recently found out about a new app called Special Guest that can help make this a lot less stressful. One cool thing about the app is that it was created by actor and comedian Damon Wayans Jr. and Entrepreneur Kristopher Jones.

When you check out the app Special Guest, you can search by location or choose what kind of entertainment you want for the party. They list comedians, dancers, singers and more. It is amazing to see how much talent there is in the world out there ready to perform at parties. They just need set up with the right person. This is a great way to help talented people find work they might not find otherwise. It is also a free app.

They even have people on the app from reality shows such as American Idol. I know my kids would freak out if I hired someone like that for their party entertainment. This has to help out with finding gigs where they can make a decent paycheck.

They even got on Apple’s first original TV program, Planet of the Apps. This really got the word out about their app and it is doing great. They are on episode 4 of the show. Watching this episode tells you a lot about the new app.

Not every state is listed on the site just yet, but I am guessing that once word spreads more people will be joining. I can’t wait until Oklahoma is added to the list!

Have you tried out the new Special Guest app? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


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