10 Things You Can Do Now to be Financially Stable Before Your Retirement

Retirement can be exciting or anxiety-provoking. When you have stabilized your financial situation, it means stress-free, so here are the 10 important things to do to become financially stable before reaching the age of retirement.


  • List your Financial Goals – Know what you want to achieve by the time you stop working. Do you want to have your own house, car, and other properties? Do you want to begin a business to make it worthwhile? All these are up to you. By listing your goals, you have something to look forward to and plan.



  • Plan your Goals – Goals are just words until you put ink on it. Make a plan on how you can achieve your goals and make it realistic and attainable. Write it down or have visuals for it so that it looks attractive and makes you feel excited. It is like creating your vision board. Then, indicate there the things necessary in accomplishing a specific goal which includes budgeting.



  • Increase your Savings – Save up for the future as old people always say. Some people follow this by putting their excess money in a piggy bank, but this is obsolete and it will not get you somewhere. Might as well open a bank account and put your excess money there. Just make sure that you do not have any record in a ChexSystems. What is ChexSystems? ChexSystem is a database of bank accounts with bad records. Banks refer to this when screening applicants.



  • Finish-off your debts – Make a plan on how you can finish paying your debts completely before you retire. Debts can drain your savings so much. As you complete your debts, avoid getting bad debts, and if you need to loan, designate it on something that can help you pay the borrowed money back. Be wise.



  • Have a Retirement Fund – Secure your future by having a retirement fund. You can grow your money through investing in insurance companies, in a stock market, and other passive income. Just study first, so you’ll know the risks you can take. In doing so, you avoid making yourself a burden to your family. Yes, they love you, but they can only extend help when they have extra.



  • Be healthy – Medical bills can drain your savings dramatically if you do not have a healthy lifestyle, so be healthy now by eating good foods with high nutritional value, take some high-quality supplements, and engage yourself in physical fitness routines. Through this, you reduce the risk of illnesses and save you from medical bills.



  • Reduce unnecessary spending – Young people have the tendency to be impulsive when it comes to spending. Continue to do this and you will grumble when you retire. To retire financially stable, spend only on things that you need and avoid overspending on things that do not have any value to you.



  • Delayed Gratification – “You only live once” is cliche, and to have financial stability, you have to delay some of your gratifications. Spend only on your wants when the amount to pay is just a pinch of your savings, but if it is already a scoop, then think twice, might as well delay it.


  • Start a business on the side – Working as an employee, you may widen your experience and knowledge but it won’t make you financially stable. Therefore, start a part-time business which you can do to add income. Though starting a business may require a lot of patience and sacrifices until your business is earning enough. Once you reach that point, you can decide to either leave your job and have it full-time or open another branch or another business.



  • Continue to Develop yourself – Your goals and plans become more achievable when you grow in knowledge and wisdom, learn some skills, and add things to your assets that you can offer. Your educational preparation, experience, and exposure are your keys to discovering more opportunities.



Financial stability means having no worries that you might run out of finances when you reach your retirement age, so it does not only mean that you become rich to be financially stable because there are rich people who have so much debt to pay, but most of the rich people do not worry about being drained because they have prepared themselves by engaging in any activities mentioned above. Nonetheless, stable retirement is not just about financial stability but it is more of the legacy you will leave that will mark.


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