4 Things to Know About Caring For Your Carpet

Carpets give great value for investment but only if treated in the right way. Nobody wishes to spend crunch cash regularly in the name of carpet replacement or maintenance. Therefore, you will need to give it the most honorable care it deserves. Here are the top four tips to help you get started on the right foot:

1) Vacuum Regularly

Perhaps this is one of the best tips for cleaning your carpet and increasing its lifespan. Regular vacuuming helps eliminate dirt and other debris before they sink deep or soak into the carpet. As you may know, the lesser the dirt, the longer the life of your carpet.

Vacuuming regularly and investing in the best vacuum cleaners are two different things. This implies that you need an eye for detail to get the highest quality products. It would be helpful to visit squiffyclean.com to find the best vacuum cleaners for the perfect carpet cleaning experience. Here, you will find the highest quality vacuum cleaners for rugs. Some even have a roller brush to easily remove the fibers and other elements that do not come off with regular vacuum cleaner heads.

2) Purchase the Right Carpet Pad

The right pad can greatly maximize the life of your carpet while the opposite is true. It should be mentioned that the quality of your carpet is dependent on its density and not the thickness. Even though you should settle for what suits your budget, cheap, low-density pads are known to have a low lifespan and will need consistent replacement. Higher traffic areas demand thinner pads with a density of 8 lbs. and above.

3) Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a worthy choice if you cannot do it all alone. This is specifically true if you are living under a tight schedule. The best thing about dealing with a professional is that they understand all the details about carpet cleaning and guarantee the best results. The primary method for cleaning synthetic carpets as recommended by most carpet manufacturers is the use of hot water extraction, a process that can only be done by professionals. Given the expensive nature of the hiring process, the best strategy would be to alternate between hiring professional carpet cleaners occasionally and cleaning it yourself. To get the best services from a professional carpet cleaner, consider asking for a high-pressure rinse as well as dealing with professionals who use truck-mounted equipment for top-notch results.

4) Keeping a Doormat Outside Your Door

The biggest percentage of dirt tracked in your home is carried in on shoes. It would be pointless to clean your carpet regularly without coming up with a long-lasting solution for the underlying cause. Placing coarse-textured doormats helps eliminate all the worries about regular carpet cleaning by minimizing the dirt that gets onto your carpet. The humble doormat does a lot to ensure your carpet remains as clean as it should be and considering its low price, this is truly a real bargain.


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