4 Tips to shopping for Wooden & Vinyl Swing Sets

A swing set is an investment. If you are shopping for a wooden or vinyl one, you ought to make sure to get the right one for your kids. Do you want them to grow with it? Or are you planning to replace it with something else in the future? All the same, there are different factors that go into consideration when buying vinyl and wooden swing sets, and below are some of them;

If they meet safety guidelines

While you may miss out on a few safety guidelines, it is important to ask your seller about the underlying safety guidelines before buying your swing set. The last thing you want is the whole thing falling apart with your kid on it, or having to attend to splinters they got while playing or even getting a finger stuck in between the wood. Is the hardware used commercial grade? Are there guard rails in elevated areas over 30’? Is wood pre-drilled? Are metal hooks well-covered? These are, just to mention a few of the safety guidelines you should ask about before purchasing, otherwise, a good seller should take you through all of them.

Type of wood

Durability, appearance, and quality are all qualities that are determined by the type of wood used to make the swing set. Also, there are three main types of wood used to make them; redwood, pine, and cedar. A pine swing set would be the most durable, cedar one would, overall, be of high quality(although there is low-quality cedar wood type), and lastly for a more appealing and durable swing set, redwood would be perfect. So be sure to check the type of wood first before making your purchase.

Deck height

The deck height of your swing set is an important consideration. The space between the base of the main deck and the ground make the deck height, and these heights start from 4ft to as tall as 8ft. Details like the swing arc, size of the deck and it cost are greatly determined by the height of the deck. So if you want to save on money and space, go for a shorter one but if neither is a problem, go for a higher one. You can check these Amish swing sets which come at affordable prices.

The swing set’s base

When shopping for your wooden and vinyl swing sets, you want to check the kind of base they have. Depending on the amount of room, there are two types of bases; the angle and the square bases. If you want more underneath space, then go for an angle one. You will find a tire swing in the main set of a swing set with an angled base. These types of swing sets also come with a larger rock wall that you don’t get with squared ones. Talking of square base swing sets; the space underneath the main deck is usually lesser when compared to those with an angled base. A major advantage is that they are accompanied by sandboxes, clubhouses, and picnic tables.


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