Tips To Keep Mind For Your Next Family Camping

Camping is not a vacation, but it does make good memories. Being unprepared is what makes camping challenging. The more you plan out the trip, the better and smoother it will be, and in order to ensure that you are completely prepared for the next trip, keep reading this article. We are here to share with you some amazing tips that will help you camp like a champ.

Camping Tips for the whole family: –

Use your car: – A great way to make your camping trip easy and smooth is to camp in your car. Your car or minivan can change into a mini camper to serve your whole family. We recommend getting a camper van, it will definitely be more expensive than camping tents, but it will surely be much comfier than it.

Tag Along: – If you are new to camping, we recommend tagging along with some other groups. Yes, this will actually be extremely beneficial if you and your whole family are newbies. Instead of being confused after going there, it is better if you all go with a group and understand what it takes and what problems they face in order to avoid them on your own trip. 

Although tagalongs are frowned upon, campers usually prefer going in a group, but do find a different place to camp when you reach the destination.

Prepare snacks and meal: – Preparing snacks and meals for your camping trip requires planning, so make sure to plan it while you have adequate time. Understand that there will be a lot of cutting, peeling, chopping, and prepping utensils. Thus, time is the most essential thing here. 

If you plan on making something that will take time to marinate, then do the chopping and cutting and keep it stored. Do some research and you can find tons of good snack recipes on google.

Buy Glow Sticks: – Buying glow sticks will be a great thing for any camping trip. Unless you have a camping van, you will have to arrange for lights at night,  and glowsticks will be great during the night. If you have a dog, you can tie a glowstick to its collar. This way, you will be able to see your dog coming at you and avoid tripping over him.

Keep toys for your kids: – To keep your kids entertained during the trip, we recommend you getting some toys for them. It does not mean that you bring the whole Lego collection, just keep enough toys, so he can have a nice time without looking at any screen. 

Few things that you should keep for your kids are a small collection of sports gear, like a football or baseball, a pair of binoculars, so he can watch birds and butterflies, and some of his favorite toys, like a truck, train, etc.

Baby Wipes: – Buy a few packs of baby wipes or antibacterial wipes, so you can wipe the kids instead of giving them a bath. Wipes can also be great for cleaning hands and feet before going back into the sleeping bags. You can also bring hand sanitizers to clean your hands before eating.

Play An Instrument – Playing an instrument while you are out camping is a pretty enjoyable activity. I assume most of my readers have an acoustic guitar, that’s why I’m recommending this activity. If not, you can look around the internet for some cheap portable acoustic guitars that you can bring with you when you go camping. A good guide is this one by GuitarSquid.

Ziplock bags: – Ziplock bags can be extremely important to make sure you won’t lose any of your essential items, like keys, chains, wallets, electronics, chargers, etc. Keeping them inside the bag will also prevent them from water spills and food.

Conclusion: –

Camping can be challenging, but you will make great memories during those times. Make sure to go through all these tips and you will have a great camping trip. Have a nice journey!



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