What You Need to Know Before You Take Your First Guitar Lesson

I know you must have a friend who started to learn the guitar but gave up soon afterward. Don’t worry; I’m not stalking you. It is a very common pattern for people to start learning guitar and stop midway.

The first reason is that they are not sufficiently motivated to learn guitar. The second reason is they don’t have a proper direction on how they can learn guitar.

So, read ahead if you are really motivated and committed to learning the guitar. Otherwise, you are welcome to read on, but it is not going to help you much.

Today, we are going to discuss the necessary things to consider before learning the guitar. We will properly prepare you for your first guitar lesson. So, let’s see what we’ve got.

Define Your Goal

Defining your goals is the first step before you can start to do anything. What you want to gain after learning the guitar. Are you doing it just to impress a girl? Do you want to jam with other groups on campus? Or do you want to really pursue a musical career?

The goal you set should define the hours of work you should put into learning the guitar.

Setting your goal also helps you to keep track of your work and determine whether you need to slow down or pick up the pace. There is no right or wrong reason for learning the guitar. Just make sure you have a reason.

Select Your Instrument Carefully

There are different kinds of guitars that produce different kinds of music.  Putting them all under one umbrella term may not be the best idea because handling and playing music on them is completely different from one another.

There are electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, jazz guitars, and the list goes on. So, first, you have to decide which instrument you would like to play.

Buy or Borrow the Guitar?

Buying a guitar is a big investment, especially when you are a student. So if you are not fully invested in learning guitar, you should not buy the guitar straight away.

The best idea is to borrow the guitar from a friend or family member. But if you don’t have that option, you might also find online services that provide guitars.

Schedule Your Time for the Lessons

You should pick a specific time of the day when you would like to practice the guitar. It takes consistency and hard work to learn a complicated instrument like a guitar.

So you should make a strict schedule and follow it. Do not make a schedule that you cannot follow later on. Choose your date and time carefully so that you don’t have to miss any lessons.

A lesson every week is an absolute must if you want to progress. A guitar needs a steady flow of lessons, so you should make your schedule accordingly. And if you manage to practice twice every week, then you will be the absolute best.

YouTube is Your Closest Ally

YouTube is probably one of the biggest platforms out there for beginners.  You can get tutorial videos and other lessons on YouTube. Browse through different channels and see which artist and which channel fit your style very well.

Select your level of expertise and the flow that you want to follow.

You don’t always have to have a guitar on your hand when you watch these YouTube videos. You can watch them in your spare time and get ideas about playing the guitar as well.

The thing is, you have to utilize your time in order to pursue learning guitar. And YouTube is an easy and effective way to do so.

Read Different Blogs to Pick Up Small Tricks

They say that there are no shortcuts to success. But when it comes to learning guitar, there are a few shortcuts that can help you to easily grasp the idea of playing the guitar.

Whether it be setting the tones, using your fingers right, or jumping through strings, there are a lot of small tricks that can help you excel. Read through different blogs and articles to gain access to these tricks.

Use Mobile Software to Fine Tune Your Guitar

You don’t want to start making faulty music, do you? The un-tuned guitar will not only hamper your ability to learn but also teach you the wrong chords and control.

So you need to learn how to tune your guitar.

There are many mobile applications that listen to the frequency of your guitar. Then they let you determine how much fine-tuning is needed.

Download one of these applications to your mobile before starting your lessons.

Seek Personal Help

Learning guitar is more like learning a bike. You can only get extremely good at it if someone is there to show you by hand. So, even if you can’t afford direct lessons, you should find a professional guitarist and pick up one or two things from him.

This is one of the most effective ways to trigger learning inside your brain. Let them know the things that you are struggling with, and they will give you advice on how you can overcome them.

Bonus: Don’t Be Scared to Invest in Kits

An electric guitar starter kit is essential for every new learner out there. The pack contains everything you need to rock out! Besides, it comes with an amp!

What else do you need to practice and show off those arpeggios?


When you start, don’t seek out full lessons as it takes longer, and you will not be able to soak in all the information. Take it slow and easy.  Listen to the music from your heart.

With a little bit of discipline, you will be a pro guitarist in no time. I hope this article will guide you properly in starting your guitar learning experience. Until then, rock on!


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