How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams on a Budget

The average cost of a wedding is around $30,000, and yet some brides and grooms would prefer to put a portion of this money toward their first home. Your wedding day will be a highlight and a memorable occasion, but it doesn’t have to leave you in debt.

With forward planning and creativity, you can have the wedding of your dreams, while sticking to a budget:

Say “Hello” to Preloved Accessories

So-called “preloved” accessories can save you a significant amount of money, and it all starts with the wedding dress. The bridal gown will be a highlight as the beautiful bride walks down the aisle to meet her groom. These days, you can buy secondhand wedding dresses in excellent condition and no one will ever know the difference. You may also want to consider pre-owned bridesmaids dresses or shoes and using family heirlooms for your bridal jewelry.

Go Digital for Communication

Looking for ways to save money on stationery? Then consider creating a stunning wedding website with a built-in RSVP feature to save on those expensive costs. These easy-to-use templated websites will leave you with a portal for your guests to find important details such as the wedding date and location, nearby accommodations, things to do in the area and a link to the gift registry. With a range of styles available, your wedding website will be glamorous and compliment your overall theme.

Keep it Small and Intimate

When your wedding budget is tight, it can help if you reduce the size of the guest list. Small, intimate weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and there are other benefits besides just saving money. Of course, you’ll have to be more selective about who you invite, but it will make the event extra special when you’re surrounded by those close to you. The final list may depend on the venue, as sometimes there is a minimum number of guests required.

DIY Your Decorations

If you’re feeling creative, gather your bridal party together to DIY certain elements of your wedding. This can be fun and save you money in the lead up to your big day. Decorations and wedding favors can all be given a personal touch as you put the time in and go handmade.

Look to your friends and family for any special skills. For example, your sister may have a flair for floristry and may like to create the bouquets, centerpieces or headbands for the bridal party. Homemade party favor ideas include cookies, soaps, and candles.

Be in Sync with the Seasons

Make it a point to purchase in-season wedding flowers, which will not only be fresher for the occasion but cheaper as well. There are often alternatives you will love just as much as your favorite florals, but they will be a more local and seasonal variety. For those happy to get married outside of the peak wedding season, venues and other services will often come with a discounted price tag. You could save a significant amount of money when you choose a white winter wedding or a mid-summer wedding, but this will depend on the location. Friday night and Sunday weddings are also becoming popular, as they are usually more affordable.

Have the Wedding of Your Dreams without Breaking Your Budget

By implementing a few simple strategies, you can have the wedding of your dreams without going into debt. Consider a preloved dress or accessories, some DIY essentials with your bridal party, an off-peak wedding and a digital website for all wedding-related information. Indeed, you may be surprised by the money you save, all while not having to sacrifice on style.


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