Did ‘90210’ Really Just Kill Off Dixon?

This season of “90210” is full of drama as usual. The show was renewed for season 5 and will be back again next year, but on the season 4 finale they gave fans a shock!

At the very end of the episode, we found out that Dixon did not show up to meet with Adrianna. He called Navid on the phone and then ended up getting hit by a train! What??!!?

Of course the second I saw this happen on the show, I started searching the internet to try to find out if they are killing Dixon off. His character has not been on the show a lot this season so this is a possibility.

After a lot of research, I can find that yes “90210” will be back for another season, but so far their are no spoilers at all on if Dixon will live to see that season. The actor that plays Dixon is named Tristan Wilds. So far he has not been picked up for any new shows, which means there is a good chance we will see him again next season.

Earlier this year Tristan Wilds was dealing with an illness and that is why they did not show him in several episodes of the show. Hopefully he is doing well and can return to the show for season 5.

Update: New pictures show that it looks like Dixon is alive and well! Check it out here!


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