Kaya Turksi Interview About 2012 ESPY Award Nomination

Kay Turksi is up for her first ESPY Award and is super excited! I was able to talk to her yesterday and find out some more about this amazing skiier.

This is Kaya Turski’s first nomination for an ESPY Award. She is excited about it and is going to get to go to the awards this year to see if she wins. If you want to keep up with Kaya, make sure you follow her on Twitter.

Kaya loves her time on the slopes, but she also enjoys hanging out with her friends she doesn’t get to see all the time. She is very athlete and likes to trampoline, snowboard, and rollerblade as well. She also loves the beach!

She will be competing in the X games this year and also she is going to be qualifying for the Olympics. If you want to vote for Kaya Turski for a 2012 ESPY Award you can do it on ESPN’s site.


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