‘Bachelor Pad 3’ Preview Released

“Bachelor Pad 3” is still filming, but ABC has now posted a new preview of the show. Are you ready for the wild ride we will get this summer?

The show will premiere on July 23, 2012 on ABC. This is the night after “The Bachelorette” 2012 finale so get your DVR’s ready!

The new preview is only 36 seconds, but it lets us in on a little of the excitement. We will see the fans join the cast, but according to Reality Steve they don’t make it very far in the game or change it up that much.

Kalon McMahon pulls up in his car and hands Chris Harrison the keys. I guess this is better than his helicopter entrance on “The Bachelorette.” Also if you are looking for some spoilers, Reality Steve says that Kalon McMahon will hook up with Lindzi Cox and it will even last after the show is over. Are you ready to see “Bachelor Pad 3”?


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