Carrie Underwood Releases New Music Video ‘Blown Away’

Carrie Underwood has been working on her new music video “Blown Away” and it is finally out there for fans to see. E! Online was able to get this video before anyone else. You can check it out below.

Carrie is gorgeous in the video as usual. She sits down at the table with someone who is clearly an alcoholic as they pour a drink right away. Viewers find out it his her father as he tries to help her with homework and she doesn’t want any part of it.

The video shows Carrie like Dorothy of “The Wizard Of Oz.” She even has on a plaid shirt as the twister swirls around her. It even shows her running to the house to get away from the tornado.

This is an another amazing video by Carrie Underwood. Make sure you watch it below because you will be “Blown Away” by her talent! I love this girl from Oklahoma!


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