David Good Talks About ‘Bachelor Pad 3’ in Exclusive Interview

Today I was given the chance to speak to David Good about “Bachelor Pad 3.” We all remember David winning with Natalie Getz on season 1 of the show.

David Good is shocked by the lack of strategy this season. He did not think that Chris Bukowski made a good move at all by making out with one woman while another one that liked him was sleeping above them. David says he took it a lot more serious because winning is worth a lot of money. These people should do the same! He said he wishes he was on this season because it would be as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Ed Swiderski is his favorite on this season because he is hilarious. He loves what Ed ads to the show. He does think that Nick Peterson or Michael Stagliano both have a great chance of winning the show.

David Good is now working hard on his website which is www.GHNFitness.com. He says he is super busy, but things are great!


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