Get to Know Ashlee Frazier of ‘The Bachelor’ 2013

Sean Lowe’s season of “The Bachelor” 2013 is about to start. On January 7, fans will get to meet the women trying to find love and Ashlee Frazier is one that will jump out at you. On night one, she will shed some tears telling Sean her story of how she grew up in six foster homes before moving onto the family she lived with growing up.

ashlee frazier

Here are some great things you will want to know about Ashlee Frazier:

  • She is older than Sean, but is only 32 years old.
  • Her dad is a pastor which could fit well with Sean.
  • Her Twitter account is active again. You can find her on it here.
  • Ashlee is from Texas just like Sean Lowe.
  • She is a professional organizer. She probably would have hated the trick Sean played on Emily Maynard with the messy room!
  • She loves Adele.
  • Ashlee will make it pretty far on the show.

Do you think that Ashlee Frazier is a perfect fit for Sean Lowe? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below!

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