Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In visiting this site, your name and personal information will not be shared with any other organization or sold to any third party. We use cookies to manage data and to calculate browsing, but will not share them or any other IP information in an attempt to exploit your identity, sell you any products, or barrage you with spam. If you do choose to provide your email address prior to leaving a comment, this information will not be shared or sold.

The only case in which any personal information (such as an IP address) may be shared is in the event of damaging or illegal activity. does provide advertisement opportunities to companies and there will be advertisements viewable on the site. These third party advertisements are not connected to the site and they are owned by the independent retailers. We do not endorse the merchandise sold and we do not take responsibility for any companies that advertise through our site. Any advertisements that you click on and subsequently purchase, you do at your own risk and we are not liable.

Vendors from third parties such as Google will use cookies to provide ads based on prior visits to the website. To use this, Google utilizes a DART cookie to facilitate their third-party program. If you would like to opt out of this cookie, please visit this page. You can also choose to opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies over at this link.

Please do not post personal information about yourself on our site, no emails, phone numbers or mailing addresses. We are not held responsible for your actions if you choose to do so and we hold the right to remove this content if we find it posted on the site. Do not collect personal information about other users from this site, if you do please note that you will be held liable for those actions and could face criminal charges.

Terms of Use

All of the Terms of Use of this website must be agreed upon by you, the user and if this is not the case please do not use this site any further. If you do use this site you are agreeing to the Terms of Use set out by our legal team.

Our Terms of Use may be changed at any time without notice, but will always be updated and found in this section so please check back for updates as your continued use of this site will be an agreement to our updated Terms of Use.

You are using this site at your own risk. We are not responsible for any issues that may occur while you are using the site. does not accept any liability when it comes to any loss or damage resulting from the use of our site.

Although does not have a registration requirement when posting comments on the site, we do warn that the content of this site may not be suitable for children. If you are under 18 years of age and have not received consent from a parent, then please discontinue using this site. If you are using this site, we will have to assume that you are of legal age to accept the Terms of Use agreement of the site.

In addition, you shall not falsely publish, distribute, or exploit this web site (along with its accompanying code or data) on any platform for any purpose without prior written permission nor many any user attempt to edit or remove any content or coding on this site. All use of this site must be held in accordance of United States law alongside any local or state laws currently established. does not accept any unsolicited content or stories or submissions. Any unsolicited content will not be reviewed and any content sent via post will be returned unopened.

If you have seen content on this site that you believe infringes on your copyright rights, please contact us at so that we can address the issues.

Commenting Policy

Please be aware that the opinions posted by our users are not the opinions of the writers at Comments that are spam, defamatory, or threatening to fellow users will not be tolerated. Comments of such a nature will be removed from the site. Parents should be warned that the comments are not moderated constantly, and that children could stumble upon content they deem inappropriate.

Comments that are removed will not re-appear on the site. No user shall engage in any illegal activity or false impersonation in the comments section, and penalties for such actions will be determined by local and national laws. When it comes to self-promotion, we ask that you remember that the main purpose of comments are to facilitate a discussion. Comments that are solely designed to direct traffic elsewhere will be marked as spam.

We will not alter a comment, but we reserve the right to remove any comment at any time without explanation. It is our sole discretion when it comes to whether or not a comment is removed.


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