Watch Johnny Depp Talk About Near Death Experience

Johnny Depp recently did an interview with David Letterman. He let fans in on something that they do not know about him at all. He actually had a near death experience while he was filming the “Lone Ranger.” This was a bit shocking to hear that their favorite actor could have died!

In this 4 minute clip, Johnny talks about his experience on the set. He was riding a horse and things did not turn out as planned. Depp admits that he doesn’t really know what he is doing on a horse even though he did a great job riding one while filming the show. He says that he has rode them a lot in various movies and did grow up around them. If you want to hear what happened to him, watch the video below.

What do you think of Johnny Depp’s experience? Are you glad that he shared what happened to him? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts. Please also check out my Facebook page.



  • Paul
    February 22, 2013

    As frightening as this must have ben, this is not a true “Near Death Experience” or NDE. NDE’s happen when vital signs stop and people catch glimpses of the afterlife. This did not happen to Mr. Depp, and you shouldn’t tout his experience as such.

  • Lydia Branden
    February 22, 2013

    It was closer to a NDE than he ever wanted to be.

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