Scheana Marie Runs Into Brandi Glanville

The drama never stops for Brandi Glanville, but lately things have been going better for the reality TV star. She even had a sit down talk with Scheana Marie, who Eddie cheated on her with when they were married.

In a a new interview, Scheana says that she ran into Brandi and that things actually went well. Brandi comes to SUR where Scheana works because she is good friends with the owner Lisa Vanderpump. They are finding ways to make it work and be around each other even though it is hard sometimes.

Scheana Marie and Brandi Glanville even were at the same party and Brandi told her that it was just fine to stay. It sounds like they have both grown up and things are doing well for them. Maybe they can learn how to forgive and move on since they both run in the same circles.


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