Jax Decides to Quit SUR on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Tonight fans get to see the finale of “Vanderpump Rules.” Jax Taylor will decide to take matters into his own hands and quit the only job he has at the moment. He will tell Lisa he wants to quit SUR because it is what is best for Stassi Schroeder. Wow he really loves that girl!

Jax will decide that is time to move on. He doesn’t have a job though or anywhere to go. It will be shocking if he actually goes through with it. He might change his mind before the finale of the show is over.

Jax wants Stassi back and will do anything he can to make her happy. She might just want him by her side at SUR. Do you think she will be happy to see him leave? Are you going to watch “Vanderpump Rules” tonight? I know I will be watching this one! It looks like a great episode.


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