Emily Maynard is Crushed She Isn’t on ‘DWTS’

Rumors were out for a while that Emily Maynard would be a part of season 16 of Dancing With the StarsReports are now coming out that she obviously didn’t make it on the show and is really upset about it. One source even says that she is crushed over missing her chance on the show.

Emily wanted to be back in the spotlight. Since she was on The Bachelorette people are starting to forget about her and obviously she loves being the center of attention. This could have been her chance to be the one everyone was watching. It sounds like she was really counting on this to get her career going again and make some money.

Spoilers are reporting that Sean Lowe will be the 12th contestant on the show. If this is the case, there would be no reason to have two people from the same franchise on the show. This is probably what hurt Emily Maynard’s chances to be on the show. People from the show have been on there before but they have never had two of them in the same season.

Did you want to see Emily on Dancing With the Stars? Do you think she would have done well? Sound off in the comments section below.
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