Sean Lowe’s Mom Doesn’t Think He Should Get Engaged

Tonight is the big finale of “The Bachelor” 2013 where Sean Lowe will get down on one knee and propose to a girl. In a preview for this episode, his mom says she doesn’t think he should propose to either girl even though they are great women. They don’t let fans see her explain why she feels that way.

My guess would be that she thinks it is too soon to propose to one of these women. He met two women and fell in love with both, but it has been a very short time. His dad even tells Catherine that he would love her like his own if she were to marry Sean so it really does seem like they like the girls a lot. They are just worrying about their son.

Do you think that Sean Lowe should propose this soon on “The Bachelor” 2013? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments. I think that he will and he should go for it!


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