‘Once Upon a Time’ Preview for ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’

Tonight fans get a new episode of “Once Upon a Time.” This is called “Welcome to Storybrooke.” There is a new preview released and lets fans see the sheriff and Regina in a big flashback from the past.

This is a new kind of flashback for this show. They are sitting at the diner and talking about how they are going to meet up later. You can tell this is back when she was sleeping with him. A stranger shows up with a little boy and of course this concerns her. This little boy just could end up being her son Henry from the way it looks.

This clip will let you in on what you can see tonight on “Once Upon a Time.” Are you ready to see them flashback to when they all first came to Storybrooke? It looks like a great episode that viewers do not want to miss.


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