Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough Impress in the Cha Cha Cha

Tonight was night one of “Dancing With the Stars” season 16 and Kellie Pickler started out the night with her partner Derek Hough. If you are like me and forgot to set your DVR, then you might have missed her performance, but lucky for you then you can find it here!

Kellie and Derek seem to be getting along very well in their practice. When they hit the dance floor, Kellie looked stunning! She was sexy and showing off her skinny body. It was amazing!

For the very first night of “Dancing With the Stars,” she was very impressive. She can move it and honestly I would not be shocked to see Kellie Pickler win this entire show and take that mirror ball back to Nashville with her. The judges were just as impressed with her and gave her a great score. Len said it was great! What did you think of Kellie Pickler on “DWTS”?


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