Rob Kardashian Talks Weight Gain and Loss

Rob Kardashian has put on a lot of weight and is now working on taking it off. He is speaking out saying that he has lost 5 lbs. and has 40 more lbs. to go. He is working out hard, but realizes he has a lot to go still.

The great thing about this is people can realize that even the Kardashians are just like us. We all have our struggles and so does Rob. He put on a lot of weight after this big split with Rita Ora. He says he also has a love for food. Everyone can relate to these same problems.

Rob is using a low carb diet and a lot of working out to lose the weight. He has a very active family so hopefully he is getting some support from his sisters.

Rob Kardashian even admitted that he got up to 240 lbs. It takes a lot to have the nerve to admit that to the press. Good for you Rob! You will have your sexy back in no time.


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