‘My Strange Addiction’ Enters the World of Blood Drinking

Tonight at 9 p.m. CST fans get to see a new episode of “My Strange Addiction.” This one is just too much for me. A woman named Michelle is addicted to drinking blood and her partner even cuts himself so that she can drink his blood. This woman is crazy!

She says that she drinks human blood as much as she can do it. She says that every single person has their own taste. In the preview, she puts her face up to her partner’s arm. This is her preferred way to do it is straight from their arm. She knows Johnny’s character well enough that she has no doubts. He says that he isn’t bothered by the pain and is used to it.

Michelle says it has to be the upper arm, elbow, upper back, or inner thigh. She avoids the neck. She says that she is also likes human blood better than animal blood, but she does that sometimes too. She doesn’t call herself a vampire, but she sure does act like one.


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