Chris Masters Posts Picture from Saving His Mom From Fire

Chris Masters amazed everyone when he saved his mom from a house fire. This ex-WWE star says that he uprooted a tree and used it to break a window. This got him into the house to save her. Chris has been going to Twitter all day long to talk about it. A neighbor was at the house and mad so he caught it on fire.

Chris shared a photo of what happened to his arm and it looks like that tree kicked his butt pretty good. Here is the picture. He also shared several photos of his mom’s house and the fire destroyed a lot of it.

Chris Masters and his mom are both very lucky that they got out of this alive. Hopefully the man will serve some serious jail time for what he did, but Chris did at least share that he was in jail at this time. News like this is devastating, but luckily this time they was a good outcome.

If you don’t remember who Chris is, then check out the video below.


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