‘Welcome to Myrtle Manor’ Sneak Peek Videos for Episode 5

Fans of “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” are excited for the new episode this week. This is going to be episode 5 and it is all about the Miss Myrtle Manor competition. Two new previews for this episode are going to be excited for this March 31 episode of the show.

This first preview is about Jared and Chelsey. He is helping her decide on a talent and also flirting just a bit with her. This could end up being a love match made in trailer park Heaven!

The other preview shows Roy and Gina going dress shopping. Roy is going to be the best dressed woman at this show. They have to find the perfect dress so that he can look great and they do just that for him! Check out this preview.

Are you ready to watch the Miss Myrtle Manor pageant on “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” on TLC? Don’t miss the new episode this weekend!


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