Carnival Triumph Has More Problems as It Floats Away

The Carnival Triumph can’t get their stuff together. Today the ship ended up floating away from the dock due to high winds. It was a bad situation for this ship that was already in Mobile to be repaired.

We went on this ship on our last cruise. It was an older, smaller ship and not in the best shape. We have been on the Carnival Triumph before and it was a lot nicer. I wouldn’t take the chance of going on it again!

The rumors were flying about the Triumph today, but come to find out two men fell off of a guard tower nearby and ended up in the water. One of them was found and taken to the hospital and at the last update the other one was still missing. This is such a sad situation and hopefully they find him soon.

The video below explains a bit more of what happened today. They had winds up to 80 mph today during the storm that caused the ship to get loose.


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