Tim Lopez Shares ‘Ready for Love’ Spoilers in New Interview

“Ready for Love” is coming to NBC tonight. I could not be happier to have a new dating show to watch. One of the guys who tries to find love is already famous. Tim Lopez is the guitarist for the group Plain White T’s. Remember the song, “Hey There Deliah’? Yep that is his group!

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tim shared spoilers about the show. He does find love and it has worked out so well that he has moved on to writing songs about her. The one big secret that Tim is keeping is that he won’t tell us who he found love with on the show.

Check out the interview with Tim Lopez below. He talks about the show and the other band members are also there to talk about other stuff too such as if they would ever be on reality TV. Are you planning to watch “Ready for Love” tonight? I know I will be watching it!


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