‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Returning: Elliott Neese Confirms Return

Fans went crazy when they saw the preview of “Deadliest Catch” this season because Elliott Neese was missing. Everyone wanted to know where he was at and if he would be on the premiere that will air on April 16. Do you want to see him back again?

On April 15, Examiner was able to get an interview with the reality TV star. Elliott was surprised to hear that fans didn’t think he would be on the show. He will be back, but this time he has his own boat instead of being the captain of someone else’s boat.

Elliott went on to say that he is surprised everyone believes what they see on television. They should know that it was just editing. He realizes that the show edits him to look like the villain even though he isn’t really one.

He even let fans in on a “Deadliest Catch” spoiler for season 9. His dad will be on the show working with him. This is going to be a great season! Don’t miss the premiere on April 16.


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