Joseph Gordon-Levitt Runs Website hitRECord

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the star of 2012’s Looper”, “Premium Rush”, and who also portrayed Robert Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” has a line-up of projects ahead. Already scheduled for a premiere in October 2013 is “Don Jon,” written, directed and acted by the 32-year old thespian that was first known to American audiences in the long playing sitcom, “Third Rock From the Sun.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt flickrAside from his major motion pictures, Gordon-Levitt has another business and interest, which is his open collaborative internet production company called hitRECord. Recently Gordon-Levitt, or Regular Joe as he is known among hitRECorders, announced that Pivot TV will be broadcasting a new weekly variety series based on material from the website and its contributors. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be hosting the show bringing new artists, musicians, writers and performers to his show, “HitRecord on TV.”

The website attracts people from all over the world since 2005, with thousands of users uploading material to be viewed, critiqued and perhaps even featured in a short film, such as “Morgan M. Morgansen’s Date with Destiny.” Many of these collaborations have been presented at Sundance among other venues. The popularity with the website has increased tremendously due to the announcement that material from hitRECord is now being considered for films, concerts and book publications.

The highly successful “Tiny Stories” is now being edited for a third volume due to the great success of the past two books. The first book was published by Gordon-Levitt’s company; however, the second volume was published by Harper-Collins. The internet site, hitRECord, gets heavy traffic from users who create original works, remixes and collaborations all within the artistic community. One needs to sign up and login in order to contribute work but anyone can go onto the site and view the various artists at no cost or fee.


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