‘The Heat’ with Sandra Bullock Set To Hit Theaters in June

The Sandra Bullock flick “The Heat” is set to hit the theaters on June 28, 2013. In this movie, Sandra plays the role of an FBI agent working with a Boston Cop to investigate a case. This movie takes a closer look at the Boston police force and is said to be a comedy about the Boston’s department.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandra Bullock and the director and producer of the movie have decided to hold an advance screening of the film as a show of support for the Boston Police. Sandra Bullock pays compliments to the Boston Police as they had helped a lot in shooting some important sequences in the film. Bullock heaped praises on the Boston cops saying that they are a closed knit unit. The director of the movie, Paul Feigh says that the Boston police force and the FBI agents, who are currently investigating the Boston Bombing case, gave tremendous co-operation to the film unit. Feigh also remarked that Boston is safe in the hands of the Boston Police Force and the public need not worry too much about what had happened during the Boston Marathon.

Melissa McCarthy, who plays the Boston cop in “The Heat,” clashes with the FBI agent, Sandra Bullock over the jurisdiction aspects while investigating a case. McCarthy made a remark that Boston has a soft corner in her heart after this horrific incident. Sandra Bullock credits Boston police for working late hours during the final stages of shooting in order to help the movie crew in completing the shoot. Director Feigh said that the advanced screening idea is in its initial stages and no date has been finalized as yet. The Director informed the press on Thursday that he is planning to hold an advanced screening as a mark of respect to the Boston police force.


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  • Tracy Hinton
    April 24, 2013

    Oh, I had seen a trailer for this a while back. Looks hilarious, I love both of these actresses!

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