Fungus Found in Capri Sun But They Aren’t Harmful

capri sun wikimediaIf you are a member of Facebook, then you have seen the crazy pictures going around of fungus in Capri Sun. Yahoo posted about new research that explains that they actually found 5 types of fungus in the Capri Sun, but the thing is that they are not really harmful. An associate professor microbiology at Indiana State University that was involved with the study says that fungus is everywhere and that most people are just fine.

Kraft did admit that mold can grow in the Capri Sun, but said that it is not common. It does happen though and they are not denying that fact which is a good thing. Very small holes in the product can end up causing bacteria to get inside and there is nothing they can do about it.

I will admit that as soon as I saw the pictures on Facebook circulating I stopped buying this product. Instead my children get drinks that I make or can see through on my own. Do you still give your kids Capri Sun?


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